7 Things I Hate About You <working title>

Current Status: Planning


Forgotten Flames

Current Status: Dropped

[Harvey’s POV| Valerie’s POV| Josh’s POV| Thea’s POV| Blake’s POV]

The Melody of Light aka The City of Melodies Group Story

Current Status: Ongoing

[Background GuidePrelude I | Prelude II | Chapter 1.1| 1.2| 1.3| 1.4| 2.1| 2.2| 2.3| 2.4| 3.1| 3.2| 3.3| 3.4| 4.1]

The Scheduler’s Deal

Current Status: Planning


Time Bound

Current Status: Dropped



Current Status: Writing



2 thoughts on “Stories

  1. I just saw this part but can’t stop to read right now, light’s go off in less than five minutes (loadshedding 😐 ), but I’ll definitely be back for a read soon! 😉

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