Glasslip First Impressions


[Glasslip%2520-%252001%2520-15%255B2%255D.jpg]Poor start for the summer anime.


Expectations: Low

Verdict: Middling

Summary: There’s a fireworks festival where our group of friends talk about friendships even after graduation. Touko meets transferee Kakeru who is fascinated by her. She later makes her friends take care of her chickens. Yuki, in particular does so because he secretly likes her.


Thoughts: I’m a bit disappointed that the quality of animation is not up to par with other PAWorks anime. The animation was the top reason I decided to pick this anime up in the first place. The storyline didn’t do anything special to redeem my initial disappointment. It was bland and forgettable. I’m just holding out hope that it would improve in the latter episodes. We’ve got the complicated love story in the works. As long as it doesn’t prolong the love line, it’ll avoid the typical mistakes it makes.


Initial Rating: 6/10



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