What’s the Purpose of My Existence?

We all strive for our dreams. Hoping that in by achieving them, in this life time, we can be remembered by. I think everyone has believed they were destined to be someone great. But are we really?

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Life As We Know It [FIXED]

Another friend who I shall be calling Hobo Trekker, answered Rogue Flower’s problem in a different way. He used imagery that will rack your brains up.  I had to make diagrams for this post, just so it’ll make more sense.  Forgive me for the rough and boring pictures, I was too lazy to actually edit and make them look pretty.

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Life As We Know It

I wrote this entry earlier this year… sometime around mid-January (last month). Before I continue any further, I would like to dedicate this entry to a friend who is like a roguish flower. She was the one who has convinced me to write a post about my views on society’s checklist, personal capabilities, plans for the future, and happiness due to our heated discussion earlier. Each topic is very different yet similarly loaded and interrelated when one decides to sit down and ponder at it. Although there are instances, people don’t take notice and allow it to simply pass by their lives. So why get into the details and feel end up feeling depressed over these things? Because that’s life…. It’s not always pretty but we have to accept it for what it is.

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